Academy for Research on Aging

The ” Academy for Research on Aging at Haus der Barmherzigkeit” is a non-profit organization that is focused on research and teaching in the fields of geriatrics, gerontology and Active and Assisted Living (AAL; age-appropriate technical assistance systems for a self-determined life) since 2002. Both research and teaching are strongly interdisciplinary and internationally oriented with the aim of generating new scientific findings and making them available for practical use in the shortest possible way via our teaching activity.

Die Johanniter

With 279 employees and 606 active volunteers, Johanniter Österreich is an integral part of the rescue service as well as in the health sector. Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gem. GmbH was founded in 2012 as a 100% subsidiary of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Austria to combine the tasks of education and training with the possibilities of research.

FH Campus Wien - University of Applied Sciences

With around 7,000 students, the FH Campus Wien is Austria's largest university of applied sciences. Its research topics are at the intersection of disciplines, such as Active and Assisted Living (AAL). Integration into national and international subject-specific networks as well as cooperation with universities and commercial enterprises contribute significantly to the research activities

FH Technikum Wien

The UAS Technikum Wien (FHTW) currently has 4,400 students and more than 12,000 graduates and is the largest purely technical university of applied sciences in Austria. Since 2010, projects at the FHTW have resulted in IT standards-based, interoperable software prototypes that have been successfully tested (IHE Connectathon, PCHA Plugfest). In the IES Austria project, the FHTW was in charge of transferring interoperability know-how from the healthcare sector to the energy sector, as well as in the profile specification, implementation & testing.

Health Communication Service GmbH

The Health Communication Service GmbH (HCS) - founded in 1995 - is considered as a pioneer in the field of secure electronic communication in healthcare. As a CompuGroup Medical company, it has access to a worldwide network of experts and is always inspired by new innovative e-health solutions that help to improve healthcare. With its products and services, it sees itself as a partner for the efficient fulfilment of all communication requirements in the healthcare sector. With its in-house development team, HCS has been able to consistently expand its technical leadership in the market over the past years. Every day, they work with great enthusiasm to further optimise existing products and bring new innovations to market. To the HCS website

Loidl Consulting & IT Services GmbH

Loidl-Consulting bases its experience in the field of software and hardware development for the medical and care sector on research activities as well as on customer support in "live operation". The implementation of customer-specific projects, especially in the area of IT infrastructure, requires a precise knowledge of practical workflows and best-practice in the medical and nursing sector, as well as detailed knowledge of legal requirements such as data protection, data backup and disaster recovery. Due to the constantly changing demands on technical systems, Loidl Consulting is familiar with a wide range of technical solutions, is able to combine them and apply them in a targeted manner. By participating in more than 10 national and international R&D projects, cooperating with various research institutions as well as national and international organizations, Loidl Consulting pushes the integration of new hardware and software technologies into the daily care routine. The combination of these two focal points allows Loidl Consulting to implement customer-specific hardware and software projects from the planning stage, through development and integration, to subsequent support, in order to create new, customized and innovative solutions.

myneva carecenter

Myneva carecenter and its employees have been working in the field of IT-supported care for elderly people or people in need of care for 25 years. The myneva carecenter has a broad knowledge of people's needs and project solutions to meet them. In addition to technical staff, the company also employs qualified nursing staff in order to be able to respond in a differentiated manner to all target groups.

Österreichischer Apotheker-Verlag

APOVERLAG sees itself as the leading hub for high-quality pharmaceutical information in Austria. For 75 years, it has been a reliable partner for its customers, with steadily growing success and a wide range of both proven and innovative products. More than 90 employees support our customers in their work every day. Pharmacies, medical practices, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies use a wide range of our products and services in the fields of pharmaceutical information, software and hardware, training and media. For example, more than 600 pharmacies rely on our AVS software, just as more than 13,000 doctors use our DIAGNOSIA app. With AUSTRIA-CODEX Online and the Hospital Index, we provide healthcare providers with important pharmaceutical information. Our journals - first and foremost the Österreichische Apotheker-Zeitung - online portals and magazines provide professionals and consumers alike with comprehensive pharmaceutical and health information. To the APOVERLAG homepage:

Steszgal IT

Our team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience and expertise in consulting and IT project management allows companies to meet their needs in the areas of IT security, artificial intelligence, media innovation, e-health, enterprise resource planning, and telecommunications services. We offer a comprehensive understanding of the technology sector and draw on our extensive experience in supporting clients across a range of industries. We currently have a particular focus on the e-health sector, supporting several startups. Coupled with structural changes in the healthcare system, e-health contributes to improving the health of citizens, as well as efficiency in the delivery of healthcare services.

Universität Wien

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe: Around 9,900 employees work at 20 faculties and centers, including around 6,900 scientists. The University of Vienna is thus the largest research institution in Austria as well as the largest educational institution.

Volkshilfe Gesundheits- und soziale Dienste GmbH

Volkshilfe Gesundheits- und Soziale Dienste GmbH (GSD GmbH), as a subsidiary of Volkshilfe OÖ, offers services for elderly and/or sick people, as well as for children and young people. The main service of GSD GmbH is the provision of mobile care and nursing throughout the province. Other mobile services include mobile therapy ( logopedics, ergotherapy and physiotherapy) and household services. In addition, Volkshilfe GSD GmbH offers several services for people with dementia.

Volkshilfe Wien - Care & Nursing

The Care & Support department is the largest department at Volkshilfe Wien. On behalf of the Fonds Soziales Wien, around 750 employees (around 85% women, 15% men) from different occupational groups are on the move every day to support people in their daily lives at their homes. Volkshilfe Wien specifically offers the following services in the field of mobile care and support: -home nursing -social psychiatric home nursing -home help -social psychiatric home help -several hours of day-to-day support -visiting service. Special care for people suffering from mental illness or dementia is also provided by the specially trained care and support teams of the social-psychiatric department of Volkshilfe Vienna. Professionally provided services in the field of care and support can be called up from mondays sundays and public holidays to address personal needs and enable the health well-being, dignity and self-determination of the people cared for. Another special feature is the division into several nursing and care areas in order to ensure the highest possible quality of care under the guidance of nursing services and department heads. The area managers lead teams of 50 employees in the field as well as coordinate and plan assignments with customers.

Vienna Red Cross

The Vienna Red Cross has been active in various health and social areas and offers extensive services that are fully geared towards people's needs, for 60 years now. The department of care and support, as part of mobile nursing care, covers a wide range of services for the care and support of sick and vulnerable people, such as daily multiple hour care, visiting service, home care, nursing assistance or qualified nursing. In addition to mobile nursing care, the Vienna Red Cross also offers various other services, such as the ambulance service, disaster relief service, the delivery of food and medical products, the emergency button service or various training, further education and qualification offers in the education center.